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IN4MATX 199 Acknowledgement


This document is intended for individuals who attend the University of California, Irvine.

Per the UCI General Catalogue:

IN4MATX 199. Individual Study. 2-5 Units.

Individual research or investigation under the direction of an individual faculty member.

Repeatability: May be repeated for credit unlimited times.

Some individuals in the Ojos Project are participating for UCI credit under the course IN4MATX 199. When Carlos first started the Ojos Project in October, he was required to enroll in the course to ensure he sticks to the Undergraduate Research Lab and takes it seriously.

However, enrolling in IN4MATX 199 isn't an option for everybody since enrolling requires extra grading and responsibility instead of allowing them maximum flexibility.

Benefits of enrolling in 199

Individuals enrolled in IN4MATX 199 get a 2-5 unit course grade.

Benefits of not enrolling in 199

Individuals not enrolled in IN4MATX 199 are allowed freedom to move in and out of the project as they please. Individuals enrolled in 199 have to stick with the project for a minimum two-quarter commitment.

The Cutoff

Ojos Project members who joined after March 5, 2024 are not eligible to enroll in IN4MATX 199 for this project until we get further authorization to do so.

That is to say, it isn't impossible, but I wouldn't hold my breath. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Who's enrolled?

PersonMember sinceEnrolled since
Carlos ValdezOctober 2023October 2023
Joseph SweattOctober 2023January 2024
Ayush JainJanuary 2024April 2024