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This is a glossary of the terms we use. Please use these consistently.

General Terms

patientThe individual/family member in hospice
caregiverA family member who takes care of the patient
nurseA nurse from a hospice agency
healthcare professionalA social worker, mental health professional, or a hospice nurse
palliative careSpecialized medical care with people living with serious illness
hospiceEnd-of-life care, sometimes at home or at a hospital
PROs"Patient recorded outcomes", digital records of an individual stating whether the care is working
PHIs/PII"Protected health information", "personal identifying information", more information here

Developer Terms

GNOME (Foundation)The GNOME Foundation offers various tools for desktop Linux development
GNOME DEA desktop environment developed by GNOME that is often used on Linux devices. The DE itself isn't used on a Raspberry Pi.
GTK 4A cross-platform widget toolkit to develop Linux GUIs, developed by GNOME
gtk4-rsA version (wrapper) of GTK 4 that allows us to use it with Rust