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Gravatar (otherwise known as a globally recognized avatar) is a service that let's you change your photo whenever you want and immediately gets updated on our website. This is incredibly useful and convenient for both users and developers since users can update their photo immediately at their discretion, and developers don't have to focus on needing to change it.

Setting a Gravatar

To set your Gravatar, you need to go to their website and set up an account. You'll then need to add a photo and select it as the main photo for your email. You must use an approved email domain.

Privacy Concerns

Although the Ojos Project uses Gravatar to give you a photo on the website, we aren't the only ones to do that. There are various other services that use Gravatar, such as (but not limited to):

This may be something to take into consideration when setting a Gravatar. You don't have to have it be a picture of your face.

What if I don't add a Gravatar?

If you don't want to add a Gravatar, that's totally okay too! If you don't, your photo will just be this on our websites:

Default Gravatar for Carlos