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The members.json file is a file located in /static/data/ that keeps all information of our members. The purpose of this file is to keep all data we might need in a single place to keep the project consistent. This document is here to provide a transparent view to our members of the kind of data we keep.

JSON Structure

The structure of the Members JSON file is:

"name": "",
"email": "",
"roles": [],
"association": "",
"website": { "label": "", "value": "" },
"joined": 0,
"avatar": "",
"contributions": [],
"active": false

All of the Member objects will be inside of an array.

Here's a table of keys and their meaning:

namestringMember name.Used to identify you as you.
emailstringTheir institution email. Must be from an approved domain.Used to uniquely sort you from others in the team.
rolesstring[]Their role(s) in the Ojos Project. Index 0 is your main role.Used to give you credit for your role(s) in the Ojos Project.
associationstringThe individual's association. Examples: University of California, Irvine, Imperial Valley College, etc.Used to indicate your school or institution you're associated with.
website.labelstringThe label, usually Personal Website, Email, etc.Used to label your website URL.
website.valuestringThe link to direct people to. mailto: for Email.Used to link people to your website.
joinednumberUnix timestamp of their join dateUsed to sort people... or at least will be used to sort people.
avatarstringTheir Gravatar link, with default image mp. Use SHA256 Online ToolUsed to give a face to the name.
contributionsstring[]An array of strings indicating their various contributionsUsed to gie you credit for what you did in the Ojos Project, specifically in the Former Members table
activebooleanA boolean indicating if they're still participating or notUsed to indicate if you're still participating in the project.

Need to update something?

If you need to update content about yourself, feel free to do so. Some of the most common fields you may want to update are:

  • roles
  • website.label
  • website.value
  • contributions

DO NOT COMMIT DIRECTLY ON THE MAIN BRANCH. Create a separate branch and open a Pull Request. Once you do that, let Carlos know and he will review and merge it into main.


It is heavily recommended you update these values yourself. Carlos does not update these as often as he should.