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The Ojos Project is searching for interview candidates

· 2 min read
Carlos Valdez
Group Lead

Illustration by Storyset of a video call

The Ojos Project is searching for individuals to participate in an interview regarding their experiences as caregivers for hospice patients. As researchers, our main responsibility is to collect data to build the right thing. If you're interested, please keep reading!


Interviewees will be asked various questions related to their experience as a caregiver and their emotional state during the experience. This interview would be conducted via a recorded UCI Zoom call (or a recorded in-person interview if the individual is in Irvine, CA). The information interviewees provide will be kept confidential, and if we do choose to publish our results, their identity will be anonymized. The data collected will be fully confidential otherwise and will be deleted upon our research's completion.

Healthcare professionals will be asked about their experiences with hospice patients and caregivers, as well as how technology could intervene to make the experience easier. We may also ask about emotional well-being for for patients, and how they've noticed software's involvement can help during this stressful time for caregivers.


  • An individual who has been a caretaker for a family member in hospice
  • A healthcare professional who
    • has experience working with hospice patients
    • has experience with emotional well-being


If you choose to participate in our research interview, you will be compensated with a $20 Starbucks gift card. Your contribution will help us understand hospice management to create a better experience for everyone involved.

Get in contact

If you would like to participate in our interview study, please contact

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