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Spring 2024 Wrap Up

· 4 min read
Carlos Valdez
Project Lead
Joseph Sweatt
Engineering Lead

Ojos Project header

Happy pride! The 2024 Spring quarter is nearly at a close. That means we're having an overview of the accomplishments we had for this quarter, as well as outline our plans for the summer.

A look back


We came up with code names what we're building. Iris is the hospice management system that can be installed on nearly any computer. Palliaview is our plug-and-play hardware solution that uses the Iris software.

Our UROP Presentation

Ojos Project had a presentation at the 2024 Undergraduate Research Symposium where we showed what we were working on to other researchers, students, and faculty at the University of California, Irvine! We made another post about this earlier, which you can see here.

New Members

This quarter, we introduced five new members, and already they've contributed very valuable insight into our project.

Meadow, Kristopher, Jesse, Jason and Mai -- thank you for joining our chaotic group! 💞

SURP Awards

The five members who signed up for UCI UROP's Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) won a SURP award! Congrats to Carlos, Joseph, Ayush, Meadow and Kristopher! We wrote about it more in this post.

Software Design

The Developers team began working on software design, which includes...

These methods are often used in industry before coding begins, and we decided to follow this route to get a better idea of how we're going to build our software.

Coding Began

After months of research, planning, and software design, we finally started coding and exploring different solutions for our need.

Although we attempted to start by using Python, the Developers voted to use Rust instead. Developers are, as of now, attempting to learn Rust. Wish us luck!

Hardware Design

The Engineering team has begun our long awaited process to develop the Palliaview system. Some of the major first steps our team has made include:

Ultimately, it is this methodology to define what we are building, what is currently being implement, & our design constraints.

And so it begins...

Engineering: where creativity meets logic and duct tape.


We were able to accomplish a lot this past quarter with our research symposium and creating a rapid prototype of the Palliaview system. Our team has tried to create a user documentation report to allow anyone to keep up to date on the work we are doing this summer and already implemented. It is still early on in the process and a first for many of our members so forgive us if it seems messy. (╥﹏╥)

Also, we will be posting some of our digital files online for users to look at here. We hope you enjoy our process as we further develop and look forward to any feedback!

A look forward

Spring 2024 was a LOT. There was a lot of planning, a lot of decisions that were made, but we got through it. As always, there's still more to do. Here are our (current) plans for Summer 2024:

  • Developers
    • We plan to fully learn Rust and translate our current code into Rust
    • We're hoping we can get a beta version ready to go by the end of the summer
  • Engineering
    • Finish our first iteration of User documentation
    • Create a finish 1st version of Palliaview for deployment
    • Learn use of collaborative software for Project design
    • Develop individual Engineering skills
      • Computer Aided Modeling
      • Embedded Systems Design
      • Additive manufacturing
      • Fabrication analysis
    • Professional development
  • Research
    • We're looking for a Research Lead; their responsibilities would include:
      • Organizing the project's research
      • Leading research efforts such as surveys and interviews
      • Assign Project members interviews and research notes
    • Conduct more interviews by our new members during the summer


Thank you for UROP for an unforgettable experience. Thank you to our team who continue to contribute to the project week by week. And thank you for continuing to support us.

We'll be back soon!