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Ojos @ 2024 UCI Research Symposium

· 2 min read
Carlos Valdez
Group Lead

Ojos Project presenters at the Symposium

On May 17, the Ojos Project gave a poster presentation at the 2024 UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium! After months of work, we finally got to present everything.


For the last few months, the Ojos Project has been working on building two things: a hospice management system, and a device that uses that system. On February, we announced that we got funding from UROP. By receiving funding from UROP, we agreed to presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium and show what we've been working on. Here it is!

What is the Undergraduate Research Symposium?

The UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium is an annual event where undergraduate students have the opportunity to present their research to the UCI community. It is a celebration of undergraduate research!

The Event

2024 Symposium Engineering shot

Our Poster

For the symposium, we were asked to create a poster that showcases the different things we've been doing. Therefore, we created this poster using Figma. We introduced our research, software design, and hardware.

2024 Symposium: Kris explaining


If you'd like to see all of the photos taken at the symposium, please feel free to view this Google Drive.

What's next?

The Symposium gave us a fantastic opportunity to show off ou work to other individuals interested in research. However, it is now time for us to get back to building. Keep a close eye on us for future announcements!


  • Joseph Sweatt and Ayush Jain for preparing Symposium details
  • Mark S. Baldwin for helping us answer paperwork-related questions
  • You, for staying with us in this journey