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Ojos Project wins a UROP grant

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Carlos Valdez
Group Lead

Illustration by Storyset of an audit

The Ojos Project won a UROP Research Experience Fellowship in December! Let's talk the grant, finances, and transparency.

Funding, Finances, and Transparencyโ€‹

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) at UCI awarded the Ojos Project a Research Experience Fellowship grant to continue our research. We were notified about this on December 20, but I wanted to take an opportunity to discuss finances and transparency.

The Ojos Project will be making our finances publicly available on a Google Spreadsheet. I believe that keeping our finances openly available not only ensures there's an extra layer of accountability, it also shows that we're trying to use our funds responsibly.

The Ojos Project, while an academic research project, is also a free and open-source project. Open-source projects are often auditable, and when it comes to something as important as money, I'd like that to be auditable as well. This is a step towards that goal.

Undergraduate Research Symposiumโ€‹

On the week of May 13, 2024, the Ojos Project will present our work at the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium. More news on this soon, but we're excited to show off our work!

That is something for later, though. As for now, the team will get to work, as well as celebrate a little bit as the team became UCI UROP Research Fellows. ๐ŸŽ‰


First of all, a massive thank you to Joseph Sweatt for helping with the paperwork, as well as our research advisor, Professor Mark S. Baldwin, for guiding us through the process. Their contributions to the UROP application would not have been as polished without their help.

Data illustrations by Storyset