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Carlos Valdez
Group Lead

Ojos Project header

Introducing our domain:! Let's have a quick chat about what's in a domain, why we got the domain, and how the Ojos Project is slowly but surely developing.

What's in a domain? (and why a .org?)

For the general public, a domain is a website such as At the same time, a domain is an identity. It helps identify valid email addresses and subdomains. I've been wanting to get a domain for the Ojos Project for the sole purpose of identity.

The reason we're a .org is because I want to follow the path of other open-source projects, such as GNOME and KDE, both with .org domains. A .com is often associated with "commercial", while a .org is associated with "organization".

My goal for the Ojos Project, whether it stays as undergraduate research or goes beyond that, is to ensure we provide free and open-source software in the healthcare space, similar to GNU Health. We are not a commercial project.


At some point, subdomains will be added to It's faster to type something like instead of It is a big part of why I made the change.

The Ojos Project is slowly but surely becoming something more complicated than a single-page website. We're moving, writing documentation, etc. I want us to be ready for that ahead of time.

What about

The deprecated subdomain will still be available and updated for a few more days, or even weeks. Eventually, I will redirect the subdomain to the new domain. It's heavily recommended to use the new domain.

Edit: will now redirect to and will no longer be updated. Everything before February 22, 2024 will be redirected.

Can I see the code?

Of course. It's available on our GitLab page.