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Paperwork Policies

When it comes to filling out paperwork for the Ojos Project, do not fill out any paperwork without your group lead's approval. For most cases, especially the URL Group, the group lead will be me.


The term "Group" and "Team" are not the same. The URL Group is led by Carlos.

Examples of paperwork includes:

  • UROP applications
  • Grant applications
  • URL documents
  • Etc. This list is not exhaustive.


I want to ensure everyone's on the same page with the paperwork and nobody gets left behind. We should all have very similar wording and make sure we're telling the institutions we're submitting applications to exactly what we're building. We cannot have different documents saying different things, and I have the final say as to what's being built.


Violating this policy may result in you being dropped from the Ojos Project, depending on how severe the violation is. The severity is determined by the Group Lead.