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Image Policies

This document will go over how to properly use the Ojos Project logos and identity.


We are Ojos Project. You can describe us as "the Ojos Project", but when it comes to signing paperwork with our name, we are Ojos Project.


Our logo uses the Inter font.


Ojos Project logo


Logo for circular frame

This logo is best for a circular frame. It has more space around it so it can "breathe". Circular frames are often used for social media, or the clickable logo on this website next to "Docs" above.

Ojos Project logo with room to breathe


This is a header with "Ojos Project" next to the logo. We often use this in our software documentation or in our meta tags header.

Ojos Project header


Special Logos

Sometimes we are participating in something that we want to hype people up for. Here are some of the logos we've used.

Ojos Project UCI Pride logo


UCI Pride Header

Ojos Project UCI Pride header



If you need any information, please contact Carlos at