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Transitioning to GitHub

This guide will help you transition from GitLab to GitHub.


Your GitLab authentication key can be used to authenticate to GitHub as well. All you need to do is add your SSH public key to GitHub.

Commands to Run

There's some commands you can run on the terminal to not have to clone an entire new repository. **This assumes you want to use SSH key authentication. If you want to use HTTPS authentication, replace it with the appropriate URL.

GitLab RepositoryCommand
websitegit remote set-url origin
scriptsgit remote set-url origin

These are the main repositories we use at the Ojos Project for now.

Administrative Changes

This is usually stuff Carlos has to get through.

  • Change repository description
  • Change Render deployment branch from GL go GH
  • Enable push limit
  • Enable GH pipelines
  • Change GL Issue/Merge Request templates to GH