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Engineering Team

Welcome to the Engineering Team at the Ojos Project. We are in charge of design and manufacturing of the physical device used by our users. We will utilize the research given by the research team in the consideration of our design. Responsibilities include digital design and recording of version iteration. Additionally, we help in contribution of the code that will be installed on the kiosk.


At the moment there are 3 teams working under the project: the Developers team, the Engineering team, and the Research teams.

As a part of the Engineering Team we utilize the research given to us by the Research team to determine constraints in the designs. Furthermore, any information or questions that are needed to be review are passed to the Research Team to be ascertained.

E.g Design features that can make our device AOTA Complaint? What materials should be avoided for healthcare use?

The engineering team will consult with the Developers team on the software of the device to ensure that they can request features be implemented in the physical construction. E.g Camera for video use. It also allows the engineering team to make contributions to the software use, i.e we will suggest programs the device will need to be able to accomplish such as voice recognition and AI implementation.


Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi DocumentationThis is the main computer board that we will use for its capabilities and its operating system
Additive Manufacturing3d Printing3D Printing will enable rapid prototyping and multi-material selections
Computer Aided DesignSolidWorksSolidWorks allow to create more complicated design and conduct Finite Element Analysis on the kiosk's shell
Electrical WorkSolderingThrough the electrical design we will perform soldering to maintain electrical connections