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Using the GitLab Web IDE

If you want to make a quick edit, you can use the GitLab Web IDE. You can do by going into the repository you want to edit, let's say the Ojos Project Docs, and pressing .. It will automatically open up a Visual Studio Code-like coding environment for you to use.


Remember that at the bottom of every page, there is a "Edit this page" button. Click that button, press ., and you'll be opened to that specific page in the GitLab Web IDE.

Switching to dev

When you are going to add something to any project, please make sure to switch to the dev branch. At the bottom of the screen next to "GitLab", there is a branch icon either labeled main or dev. Please switch to dev.


You will need to use GitLab IDE git features. If you'd like to learn how to commit make sure the repository saves your changes, please watch this video.

What is this written in?

The website documentation is written in Markdown. Please use QuickRef.ME to learn more. Some of this content also includes admonitions. You can learn more about them using the Docusaurus docs.


Although the majority of the documentation is written in Markdown, some of it is written in MDX, which is a programming language rather than a markup language. I highly recommend not editing pages that are written in MDX, such as the members page.

Error displaying webview

If you get an error stating that the webview could not be viewed, it is because you need to enable cookies for the website, even cross-site cookies.


After you are done editing your code with GitLab Web IDE, please disable cross-site cookies.