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Kimai: Time Logging and Attendance

Kimai header

In order to better keep track of attendance and time logging for Summer 2024, Ojos Project is going to be using a self-hosted Kimai server. Kimai is a free and open-source time logger. We will be using this software to log our hours at the project.

Your First Login


You need to talk to Carlos when logging in for the first time. He will reset the default password given to you.

To log into Kimai, you must go to Your login username will be your UCINetID. That is, the part before in your emails. The program will prompt you to change your password.

When you log in, you will be given a quick onboarding process. You will also be asked to set a new password. Please choose a strong password, and please enable 2FA. I cannot enforce 2FA for all users, but I would if I could. It's safer than just having a plain password.

Your account will already have the following information:

NameYour name
UsernameYour email username (before the @)
EmailYour email
An avatarYour Gravatar
Set pay0.00
A teamDevelopers or Engineering
A supervisorMark S. Baldwin, Carlos Valdez, or Joseph Sweatt
Your roleFaculty Advisor, Project Lead, Engineering Lead, Developer, or Engineering

Most of this information is from the Members JSON file.

Using Kimai

When you log in, there will be a button at the top right of the screen. It'll look like a green play button.

Play button

When you select it, a pop up menu will appear.

Kimai popup to start activity

FromWhen you started your work
Duration / EndWhen you finished your work (Leave empty if you are still working)
ProjectSelect Summer 2024
ActivitySelect Hour Tracker
DescriptionPlease describe in great detail what you did / plan to do during this time.

Select save, and depending on if you added a Duration / End, you will either start a timer OR it'll save your hours.

You can find your hours under Time Tracking in My Times.


Kimai offers a LOT of great features, but these are the main ones we will use for now.