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Updating the documentation

You're probably reading this on Previously, we would keep our documentation in a GitLab folder full of Markdown files, which worked just fine. I wanted to focus on just writing quick Markdown files and publishing them, and this method worked just fine. However, other open-source projects have very pretty documentation, and we just had a GitLab folder. Nothing wrong with it, but I want to make it look just as nice!

In comes Docusaurus, an open-source documentation tool that focuses on making the documentation look pretty while I can focus on just writing it up! That is... until after the setup.

This document will explain the process of how to add a new Markdown file to the documentation. Out are the days of just adding the document...

Markdown Front Matter‚Äč

On the top of almost every Markdown file, you will find something like this:

displayed_sidebar: null
description: >
author: null
date: null

This is called the front matter. It includes information that can become meta tags and/or can manipulate how that page looks like.

I won't provide a full list of the keys here, but you can find them for the docs front matter and the blog front matter in the Docusaurus Docs.


The front matter is written with YAML. You can use the YAML cheat sheet if you need help.